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Transferring Pre-arrangements

Question: May I transfer my prearranged funeral contract to Keepes Funeral Home?

Yes. First and most importantly, you are the owner of your preneed account. Illinois law requires that money held in all prearranged funeral contracts also known as a preneed be placed in escrow by a funeral home licensed by the state to do so. In Illinois, state law requires these contracts to be held in an insurance contract or trust fund.

Question: How do I transfer my prearranged funeral contract to Keepes Funeral Home?

You may transfer your pre-arrangement to our funeral home at any time.  Many people who enter into a prepaid funeral contract do not fully understand what their transferability rights are.  Plans can be transferred either before or after death occurs.  Most of the laws in Illinois governing prepaid funeral contracts purchased through a funeral home are designed to protect you the consumer. Keepes Funeral Home accepts all pre-need transfers without any additional cost to you.

For your protection, any funds used to purchase your prepaid funeral were placed in the hands of a third party where they remain until you cancel the contract or the contract is fulfilled. 

A contract can be easily transferred before a death or even after a death occurs.  Simply contact Keepes Funeral Home at (618) 262-5200 and we will be able to assist you.   In order to transfer the contract, all that needs to be done is to notify our funeral home to start the process.  We make this process as simple as possible for you, personally handling all documentation and delivering it to your home for signing.  In most cases the money never actually moves, only the funeral home designation changes.

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