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No Hidden Fees Guaranteed!

Some Funeral Homes won't advertise their service fees. Why? Because they don't want you to see how much they charge until you are already in their care, we show you all of our service fees in a easy to understand format with no hidden fees that we add on, because we are proud to help our community during one of life's hardest times.

You deserve the utmost in personalized service, the highest quality merchandise, at a price that is fair to you. This means a savings of hundreds, even thousands of dollars compared to other funeral homes.


We pride ourselves on always being one of the most reasonably priced funeral homes in the area, although many expect our charges to be much higher given the level of professionalism, quality of facilities and ethical standards. Consumers and families finally can learn first hand that there is a difference and families needn't fall into the trap of traditional loyalty many funeral homes attempt to count on. Today, being good is not good enough. 

We trust that this service will give you one more reason to give  Keepes Funeral Home  serious consideration when seeking a funeral home that is pro-actively working towards providing you the highest standards of services and facilities while offering sensible and affordable solutions.


Please call with any questions on pricing.  We have services to meet every budget:  (618) 262-5200.